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General Rules & Guidelines

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General Rules & Guidelines  Empty General Rules & Guidelines

Post by Parker on Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:46 am

The Forum Rules & Guidelines
Note : There may be modifications anytime, so we invite you to re-read it regularly.

In order to keep this forum running well and to prevent problems, please follow these simple rules for the forums here. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact one of the Staff Members. Thank You!

General Rules

While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters.

Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such.

Please don't swear or avoid the swearing censor. There should be no need for that here.

Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed.

Please wait a reasonable amount of time before bumping posts. This should be 24 hours.

We also do not allow posts or links to sites that are sexual in nature.

Discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed.

We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.

Please only post in English on this forum. Deliberate mistakes must be avoided. Members need to understand what your saying, so try your best with your spelling and grammar even if it's not very good.

Please keep forum advertisements to the appropriate forum.

Please do not color your topic's title in. Colored titles are reserved for important topics by staff only.

Please don't use bold or color, as it's reserved for moderation only.

Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

We reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules, as access to this forum is a privilege and not a right.

Advertising Services

We do not allow people to post threads or to send private messages or emails to users here that advertise or solicit any products, services, funds or donations. Advertising in signatures is allowed as long as it's an appropriate size and the site your advertising is not illegal or obscene. You may only advertise your board in the 'forum promotion' forum.


Avatars that may be confused with official staff avatars are not allowed.

Advertising in avatars is not allowed.

Sexually oriented and gore avatars must be avoided.


Although the administrators and moderators of RedskinsForum will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the owners of RedskinsForum will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

We reserve the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the community dictate to ensure the smooth operation of this community.

Best Regards,
The RedskinsForum Staff

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